Acupuncture is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has played an important role in primary health care, ranging from disease prevention and treatment, to pain relief and even as anesthesia for surgery.

It is an apparently simple clinical procedure that allows stimulation in different parts of the body to combat most pathologies (functional diseases, acute and chronic pain, infections...) as well as to promote a better quality of life, either from the perspective of therapeutic or preventive.

In consultation, needles, suction cups, massages, and even the heat from the burning of moxa, prepared from the artemisia herb (moxibustion) can be used. Electrostimulation and laser can also be used, so that those who are most afraid of needles and children can also benefit from the advantages of this ancient medicine. It is used in both children and adults.

1st Consultation | Duration 60min | Price €50,00

Following | Duration 60min | Price €40,00

Pack 4 | Price per session €35,00

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