Barras de Access® – a Terapia da Consciência

Access Bars® – Consciousness Therapy

Energy therapy through Access Bars® is a new way to unblock traumatic emotions, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that limit us and maintain behavior patterns that prevent us from being happy.

The Access Bars® are made up of 32 points on the head that, once touched, activate bands of blocked energy after moments of stress, fear, anguish or trauma. This activation results in a “cleansing” of the brain, as if we were erasing a negative energy that disturbs our functioning.

After the Access Bars® sessions, the person will be able to become aware of their potential, guiding their thinking and behavior in the search for new solutions and possibilities.


What situations does it apply to?

– Fears, traumas and phobias;

– Sadness, depression and anguish;

– Anxiety and stress;

– Physical and mental discomfort;

– Lack of motivation;

- Mental confusion;

– Lack of focus;

- Insomnia;

- Low self-esteem;

– Communication and concentration difficulties;

– Lack of energy and disposition;

– Relationship problems;

- Self knowledge;

– Acquire new perspectives and improve quality of life.


Who is it aimed at?

To all people who want to change their lives, break patterns of thought and behavior and find a new world of possibilities.


Duration 50min | Price 45€


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