Quit Smoking Treatment

YES, it is possible to quit smoking!

Want to quit smoking?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to quit smoking?
  • Are you aware that you need specialized help?
  • Do you not want to suffer from the feeling of abstinence from smoking?

If you answered yes to all 3 questions then check in with us immediately!

Method Information

Our method is derived from the acupuncture technique, which stimulates points / meridians of the auricle (ear), but without the use of needles.

The stimulation of certain points that have a ‘reflex-nerve’ relationship with organs / glands of the body and that are related to the additive behavior of the smokers (stress), produces the sensation of relaxation and consequently loses the will to smoke.

This stimulation is done with a low intensity laser (Soft laser), which is totally painless and without risks or side effects.

The treatment is performed by qualified therapists and has a success rate of 80 to 95%, which allows you to quit SMOKING in 90min. It has had huge success in the USA, Canada and Europe and has the approval of the ministry of health in Holland.

As a rule you only need 1 session of Stop Smoking Today in 90 minutes!

Our goal is to make sure you stop smoking!

Thus, we provide our clients, free of any extra charge, 1 additional reinforcement if necessary, for one year after the 1st session.

This treatment will allow you to:

Save a lot of money (if you smoke more than 1 pack a day you get the money back in less than a month) ...

Breathe better...

Have more restful sleep ...

All of these benefits will overall increase your vital energy and make you healthier!

Whenever you need, do not hesitate, call. We are here to help ..

Check your Stop Smoking Treatment in 90mins now!

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