Soraya Ali


A health graduate, she has established a center of reference for health and wellness care, keeping in mind a holistic approach because she believes that health results from the balance of body, mind and soul.

Their strength and dedication contribute to Thalasso Caparica's evolution as a distinguishing and prestigious center.

Determination and spirituality are the defining words.

Dora de Deus

Executive director

Strict with her work, professional and responsible, Dora de Deus organizes and manages the company's affairs in an exemplary manner.

Her focus and commitment makes her work to generate maximum results and excellent services.

Her dedication, loyalty and competence make her a must have for Thalasso Caparica.

Carla Martins


Attentive and dedicated, Carla Martins, gives herself totally to clients.

Thalasso Caparica, 20 years old, can provide a service of excellence by suggesting the best treatments for different needs.

Delicacy, sympathy and commitment are the defining words.

Ana Farias


Always keeping abreast of new trends in the world of aesthetics and cosmetics, Ana Farias systematically seeks to dissolve her abilities as a beautician.

For Ana, the important thing is to work the outer beauty and the inner beauty.

Good disposition, speed and attentiveness are defining characteristics.

"When I was younger, I loved spending time fixing my mom and grandmother, getting her nails done, dyeing her hair, putting on makeup and sometimes even giving massages! I currently work on what I like and help people feel good about themselves. I try not only to work on external beauty, but also to help people improve their self-esteem and their physical and mental health."

Aurora Lança

Cleaning and Maintenance

Hardworking and exemplary, Aurora Lança performs her tasks with rigor and perfection.

Responsible for making Thalasso Caparica shine, Aurora guarantees that she lacks nothing in terms of tidiness and hygiene.

Availability, friendliness and humility are what make it unique.


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