Personalized Physiotherapy

Personalized Physiotherapy

Thalasso's physiotherapists are accredited professionals, who work for the efficient and fast rehabilitation of the User.

Make an appointment with one of our Physiotherapists, so they can make a treatment plan that meets the recovery prescribed by your doctor.

In physiotherapy treatments we use the following techniques with the aim of rehabilitation, and according to medical indication:

  • joint mobilization
  • postural reeducation
  • balance and gait
  • respiratory kinesitherapy
  • muscle strengthening
  • spinal kinesitherapy
  • Manual therapeutic massage
  • Cryotherapy and moist heat
  • Physiotherapy is performed in a gym or office.


Duration 45min. | €65.00

Pack 10 sessions  | €49.00 per session

Ask us about the perfect treatment for you!

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b. Força da dor (de 1 a 10)
c. Após estar parada(o) muito tempo / Em movimento

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