Hidrocinesioterapia Individual com Terapeuta / Grupo

Hydrokinesiotherapy with Therapist / Group

Hydrokinesiotherapy is a therapeutic exercise inside a swimming pool with sea water.

At Thalasso, Hydrotherapy is performed in heated seawater (34ºC), which allows for a differentiated rehabilitation, because when we enter a seawater pool, we lose about 70% of our weight. This reduces joint load and the sensation of muscle effort, but in fact, as sea water is denser due to the large amount of mineral salts, it increases resistance to movement, which provides greater muscle gain and allows greater range of pain-free movement. during the session.

In this treatment, warm-up exercises are performed, followed by rehabilitation, correction, stretching and relaxation exercises, ending with 5 minutes of hydromassage all over the body, under the coordination of specialized physiotherapy technicians. This treatment is adapted to each situation, in order to recover and maintain physical balance.

Hydrokinesiotherapy with Therapist 30 min. | €65.00

Pack 10 sessions | €49.00 per session


Hydrokinesiotherapy in Group 3/pax. 40min | 2x per week: €200.00

Hydrokinesiotherapy in Group 12/pax. 40min | 2x per week: €79.00

Hydrokinesiotherapy in Group 12/pax. 40min | 1x per week: €49.00

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