About us


Center of reference in the provision of health care and wellness, always taking a holistic approach, which believes that health results from a balance between body, mind and soul.


To provide our Clients with Welfare and Health services - rehabilitation of body, mind and soul; Differentiators and of extreme quality. Sea water is the distinguishing and successful instrument in health and wellness programs, which is complementary to other services, depending on the needs of each person.

Company Values

Team spirit: Collective work allows us to reach the objectives and satisfy the needs of our clients, creating impact in the community to which we belong. Humility: We accept as our limitations and value other perspectives with a view to improving each day.

Responsibility: We assume a responsibility to achieve the best results, respecting our systems, with a view to the consistency of our services and the trust of our clients.

Excellence: We aim to provide high quality and secure health services, placing the interests of clients first, respecting their individuality at all.

Innovation and Talent: We cultivate continuous development in training and research on the pathologies we deal with in order to provide health care quickly and effectively. A practice of a culture of high demand and personal improvement.

Gratitude: We are grateful for the fact that we have different methods and tools to treat our clients, the terms of access to higher education and the clients that recognize our commitment and differentiation.


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