About us


Center of reference in the provision of health care and wellness, always taking a holistic approach, which believes that health results from a balance between body, mind and soul.


To provide our clients with health and wellness services of the highest quality, through sea water treatments (Thalassotherapy).

 Sea water and personalized treatments are the distinguishing and successful tools in health and wellness programs, which are complemented by other services.

Company Values

People in 1st place: At Thalasso Caparica we value people. We want you to feel good, recover your health and always come back happier. We believe that for the treatments to have efficient results, each person must be accompanied in a personalized way and with the maximum possible attention.

Team Spirit: A motivated team enables us to achieve goals and meet the needs of our clients, making an impact in the community to which we belong. Contributors who "wear the jersey" are the brand's best ambassadors.

Humility: We seek constant feedback, because it is through the experiences of people that we can improve and improve our services. We value other perspectives, that make us grow.

Responsibility: Your health is delivered to us, so we take responsibility for achieving the best results, guaranteeing your confidence.

Excellence: We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, secure health care, putting the health and interests of our clients first.

Innovation and Talent: We focus on continuous training and personal growth. We do not content ourselves with good service, we guarantee the best service.

Our team is constantly growing and training to ensure the best treatment for your problem.

Gratitude: We appreciate the trust our clients place in us and the dedication of our team towards them.


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Av. 1º Maio 25-A
2825-397 Costa da Caparica